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New image, same passion for sustainability and our customers! Discover the rebranding of PandaGo

Today we are excited to introduce an exciting new phase at PandaGo. As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability, we have undergone a complete brand transformation that reflects our vision for a greener and more dynamic future.

A significant change, colours: grey and electric green.

If you’ve been following PandaGo, you probably recognise our old logo with its gradient of green and blue colours. While that design has long been a symbol of our commitment to the environment, we’ve decided to give it a more modern and vibrant twist.

logos pandago

Our new logo features a contrast between grey and electric green, reflecting both our commitment to sustainability and the customer and the dynamism of our electric vehicles.

These colours represent our unwavering dedication to sustainability and efficiency. Within our new colour palette, we have also highlighted and given more personality to the main sectors where we help our customers build an efficient change in their fleets: Food Delivery, Facilities and Maintenance and Parcels.

The circle as a symbol of movement and continuity.

If there is one shape that truly encapsulates our vision of sustainable mobility, it is the circle. Circles are infinite, and so is our determination to keep moving towards a cleaner future. This symbol is at the heart of our new visual identity and is used in a variety of creative ways in our design, conveying much more organic and constant movement.

movilidad sostenible pandago

Why this is relevant to you.

Our rebranding is not just a visual transformation, but a renewed promise. We will continue to offer your company sustainable vehicle fleets and their management to respect our planet and make your business life easier.

Te invitamos a unirte a nosotros en este emocionante viaje hacia un futuro más verde y dinámico. ¡Hagamos que la sostenibilidad sea el camino a seguir! Juntos, podemos avanzar hacia la movilidad sostenible.

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