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Horwin ek3 ds+

An electric scooter developed especially for professional use. It features a rack allowing easy installation of any size of top case. With capacity for two easily removable batteries, which work completely independently.

Advantages of Renting an Electric Fleet for businesses


You don't have to go into debt or make a large payment. Electric scooter or vehicle depreciation and wear and tear are assumed by the rental operator.


Save time and money. All services included in a single monthly fee: registration, insurance, maintenance, taxes and 24-hour assistance.


Forget about the paperwork and formalities related to your fleet of vehicles or electric scooters: focus entirely on your business!


You can deduct up to 100% of your tax liability for corporate income tax and personal income tax. VAT on rental instalments can be offset.

Benefits of sustainable mobility for businesses

Cost savings

Petrol for 100kms for a petrol-powered motorbike costs €5.55, while electricity for 100kms for its electric equivalent costs only €0.99: 82% less!


Access any area of the city to deliver your products or to offer your services.

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An electric scooter or vehicle reflects your company's commitment to the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

How does PandaGo work?

Hire an electric scooter or vehicle for your business in just a few minutes:

01. Access our fleet

02. Choose your vehicle

03. Request a quote

04. Hire and receive your vehicle

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