Electric fleet for food delivery

We know that electrifying a food delivery fleet can be overwhelming, so we’ve created a formula that makes it all easier.

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Best electric motorcycles for food delivery

Flexible all-inclusive leasing:
– Incidents and maintenance
– Multi Rider Insurance
– Repair of breakdowns by expert workshops

Platform for operational fleet management

  • Full control of your fleet thanks to driver-vehicle traceability.
  • Know the fleet you have available.
  • The user and the technical team are connected in order to be able to report motorcycle incidents quickly.
  • The process of incidents and their supervision is automated so that no extra effort is required.
  • Full fleet maintenance.
  • Order and rider tracking. Know in real time when orders are delivered.
  • All the documentation of the motorcycle digitized in the application for riders.
  • The GPS module allows you to know where your vehicles are in real time.
  • Query all data and report: service levels, inventory control, avoided C02 emissions.

Consulting for your food delivery business

We provide expert guidance so you can focus on your business, while we take care of keeping your vehicles ready for delivery.

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