Electrical fleet for installations and maintenance

We understand the challenges faced by home service companies in moving around urban environments, so we’ve created a formula that makes it all easier.

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The best electric vehicles for installation and maintenance

All-inclusive and flexible leasing:

  • Maintenance and breakdowns
  • Multi Rider Insurance
  • Repairs at specialized workshops

Platform for operational fleet management

  • Directly connects user and technical service to report vehicle issues in seconds
  • Automates incident processing and supervisory workflow without dedicating extra resources
  • Fleet visibility and maintenance
  • Control fleet usage with driver-vehicle traceability
  • Reports with dashboards: inventory control, service levels, CO2 emissions avoided
  • Order and rider tracking, know when your orders are delivered!
  • Understand your fleet availability
  • Rider App with digital vehicle documentation
  • Know where your vehicles are in real time with GPS module
Software PandaGo
app PandaGo

Consulting for your business

Dedicated consulting so that you can focus on your business and we can focus on making your vehicles available for delivery.

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