PandaGo raises €4.7M to lead the sustainable mobility revolution

fundadores PandaGo

Europe’s first B2B electric vehicle renting platform has closed a financing round led by Kibo Ventures, in which other venture capital funds such as Big Sur Ventures and JME Ventures have also participated. These funds successfully invested in early stage companies such as Job & Talent, Paack or Tier. They trust us Since its founding […]

5 advantages of light commercial electric vehicles in urban environments

scoobic PandaGo

“When commercial fleets electrify, the benefits are very substantial” is one of the ideas advocated by Steven Schoefs, an international expert in vehicle fleet management and mobility for businesses. With 63 million vehicles, commercial vehicle fleets in Europe account for 20% of the total vehicle fleet and cover more than 40% of the total number […]

Examples of Sustainable Mobility: types and an example to be highlighted

moto eléctrica PandaGo

At the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Ban Ki-moon noted that “sustainable mobility is not just an option, it is a necessity if we are to leave a livable planet for future generations.” The former Secretary General was not wrong. According to the World Bank, more than 56% of the population lives in […]

Fleet operations: what are they and who performs them?

flota vehículos eléctricos

Light commercial vehicle fleet operations are key to profitability and efficiency in the last-mile delivery and logistics sectors in urban environments and their implementation can offer significant benefits. Tom Cuthbertson, an expert in fleet management technologies, points out that “implementing a fleet management system can reduce fuel costs by up to 30%, maintenance costs by […]

How to make sustainable food delivery profitable?

food delivery PandaGo

Home delivery and food delivery are here to stay: in Spain, since the pandemic began, the sector has grown by 172% and it is estimated that it will close 2022 with revenues of more than 1,120 million euros. 70% of HORECA establishments have a home delivery service, but in a few years’ time there will […]

3 ways to comply with the new sustainability laws that will affect companies in 2023

leyes sostenibilidad

The transport sector is facing a period of profound changes, which will be accentuated in the coming decades”. This is the beginning of the draft bill of the Sustainable Mobility Law to be approved this year in Spain. The environmental, social and economic challenges facing cities are leading to the development of new services, solutions […]

7 reasons why it pays to be sustainable

sostenibilidad rentabilidad

Many companies in Spain still believe the myth that “being sustainable is not profitable”. A decade ago, this might have been true, but today it is not. Here is one concrete piece of data to support this claim-a recent report estimates that Spanish companies using fleets of electric vehicles save between 2,000 and 3,000 euros […]

A social and environmental law; a law for our credibility as a country.

movilidad sostenible

The approval of the Sustainable Mobility Law seems to be a near reality after years of debates and demands. A necessary law in which all social actors will be involved: companies, citizens and public administrations. A law that will favor the economic transition to a sustainable model and for which we start with an advantage: […]

Taking care of your electric vehicle is taking care of your business

vehículo eléctrico

It’s no big mystery that companies need vehicles, but what is a big secret is how to care for and clean your electric vehicle. I know what you’re thinking…can an electric vehicle be cleaned? Yes. Absolutely yes, and we are going to tell you about it in this post. The other day we were talking […]

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