PandaGo raises €4.7M to lead the sustainable mobility revolution

fundadores PandaGo

La primera plataforma europea de renting de vehículos eléctricos para empresas ha cerrado una ronda de financiación liderada por Kibo Ventures, en la que también han participado otros fondos de capital de riesgo como Big Sur Ventures y JME Ventures. Estos fondos invirtieron con éxito en etapas iniciales de empresas como Job & Talent, Paack […]

5 advantages of light commercial electric vehicles in urban environments

scoobic PandaGo

“When commercial fleets electrify, the benefits are very substantial” is one of the ideas advocated by Steven Schoefs, an international expert in vehicle fleet management and mobility for businesses. With 63 million vehicles, commercial vehicle fleets in Europe account for 20% of the total vehicle fleet and cover more than 40% of the total number […]

Examples of Sustainable Mobility: types and an example to be highlighted

moto eléctrica PandaGo

At the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Ban Ki-moon noted that “sustainable mobility is not just an option, it is a necessity if we are to leave a livable planet for future generations.” The former Secretary General was not wrong. According to the World Bank, more than 56% of the population lives in […]

Fleet operations: what are they and who performs them?

flota vehículos eléctricos

Light commercial vehicle fleet operations are key to profitability and efficiency in the last-mile delivery and logistics sectors in urban environments and their implementation can offer significant benefits. Tom Cuthbertson, an expert in fleet management technologies, points out that “implementing a fleet management system can reduce fuel costs by up to 30%, maintenance costs by […]

How to make sustainable food delivery profitable?

food delivery PandaGo

Home delivery and food delivery are here to stay: in Spain, since the pandemic began, the sector has grown by 172% and it is estimated that it will close 2022 with revenues of more than 1,120 million euros. 70% of HORECA establishments have a home delivery service, but in a few years’ time there will […]

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